lesbian yellow sour fruit (chairs) wrote in dailylea,
lesbian yellow sour fruit

001: locked

to see the entries!

Anyone interested in becoming an affiliate of the comm should drop a line here. :)
Tags: hbic: this is your mod speaking
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Mutual affiliation w/ gleefinders, y/n? :-)
I was wondering, since we both run Lea communities, if you wanted to affiliate with leamichelelove? :)
Affiliate with daily_pillsbury
I just made a new community, dailyjavajunkie
would you like to affiliate?
affiliate with daily_glee?
hey sweetie. would you like to affiliate with capeveryday?
affiliates with daily_naya?
Affiliation with glee_anon_kink? We're a brand new Glee anonymous kink meme community!
affiliate with gleeaday?

I was kind of hoping you'd be interested in affiliating with amberr_daily?

Thank you for your time.
Affiliate with dailyjolie ?